Monday, August 03, 2009

Day 9: The deep blue..lake

Day 9: Leh to Tsokar

0900: Left Leh and reached Upshi. The weather was good with its rare bright sunshine adding to our exultation. The journey back to where we had started from began. We stopped at More Planes for a group photograph.

The left turn from More Plains helped us master the skill of drag racing, while the sensation of skidding and falling any moment didn’t leave us till we reached the Debring camp. The ride was scary but we were getting immune to such rides. In fact, we thought that very soon good roads would start scaring us. Tsokar had a salt lake 4 kilometres away and its unfathomable blue waters encircled with light brown mountains made it the most photogenic place on earth.

The camp had choked up the toilets and I was about to head towards a nearby open land to relieve myself. To meet this end, I hid a toilet roll in my helmet and began moving towards my bike. All the people I met were curious about where I was heading. Some saw the tissue roll and estimated my motives, while others seemed very concerned about where I was going. I had seen many doing the same thing during the trip, but they were too shy to admit. I reasoned with those who were curious, “I am going to the lake.” They questioned, “You had been there yesterday, why would you want to go there again?” Phew!

One of the most embarrassing days of my life, but now I find it hilarious. I had never answered so many people at a single time.

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