Monday, August 03, 2009

Day 6: Guys can shop too!

Day 7: Was spent in rest and recovery....

Day 6: Rumste to Leh 69 kms

It was day 2 of no brushing and day three without having taken a bath. It was the most non-tiring ride and we came across quite comfortable roads. Buckled and folded mountains in olive green, lavender, purple and tan brown colours left us in a fix: whether to concentrate on the winding roads or enjoy the picturesque mountains. I made up my mind and parked my bike to enjoy the view and its fresh cool breeze.

We reached Upshi, our re-grouping point, where everyone was talking about the fantastic ride, especially after what everybody had gone through during the past three days. After munching on some chocolates, we moved together in a formation of two. Again, we were instructed to refrain from photographing army camps. The beautiful Indus River, a good tar road along with the plush mountains and royal blue skies made the ride most pleasurable.

After all, you saw 60 powerful machines moving together within a disciplined speed through the next 55 kms. The villagers walking along the road side welcomed us with an, ‘Oh wow! They are back,’ look. All the children were waving, smiling and celebrating our arrival. We entered Leh, the capital of Ladakh after crossing a couple of army check posts. Our hotel, Lha-ri-mo, was better than any five star hotel. The riders went all-out for shopping like no man’s business. And the shopping the macho boys indulged in would have left any girl out of the league. My perception of girls being shopaholics changed for ever after I saw the guys returning, fully loaded with gift items.

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